EXPO2016 ANTALYA General Overview of the Japan Indoor Garden


“Horticultural Craft” and “Floral Culture” of Japan, which bloomed in the Edo Era (17-19C) and to be Handed Over to the World and to the Future.

Japan is a country which has a rich history of developing a uniquely assessable gardening culture among the ordinary urban people during the long peaceful Edo Era of the 17th to 19th centuries.

From the Edo Era to present day and into the future, it has been over 400 years of a deep interaction between humankind and nature passing from one generation to the next.

That interaction contains various messages for modern, urbanized societies as well as for the future generations as how to interact with nature.

Spring: A path of Spring Blossom


A path of Spring Blossom
Summer: Festivals of Brilliant Summer


The Festival of Summer Brilliance
Autumn: A Profusion of Autumn Flowers


A Profusion of Autumn Flowers


Theme Stand
Welcome visitors with various exhibitions expressing the seasonal themes.
Ikebana Stand
Please enjoy a variety of Ikebana culture from contemporary to classic.
Main Stand
Please enjoy exhibitions showing Japanese flower culture and colorful and attractive flowers and plants from all parts of Japan.
Competition Showcase
Please enjoy the introductions and displays of the beautiful flowers and plants nominated for competitions.
Flower Hut
Hanaiku (Education with Flowers) and Horticulture related workshops are held here regularly.
Flower Stage
Events and exhibitions are held here to introduce the flower culture of Japan.
Multi-Media Corner
Video screenings and panel displays introduce "The Beautiful Japanese Flowers," "Bonsai Culture that Attracts the World," and "The Bond between Turkey and Japan."
Business information Corner
Promotional materials and public Relations exhibitions introducing the flowers and plants produced in Japan are available.